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AMS Global Systerms are Experts in Providing Wireless Engineering and Office Network Technology Solutions

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AMS Global Systems approaches projects from a network operator’s perspective with a realistic understanding of the challenges faced by the operator.

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high-level expertise in the following key areas:

Radio Frequency

International Radio Frequency (RF) network design, performance, and software applications

Office Equipment

Office Networking and Information Technology services

Office Networking

Office Equipment (includes computer systems, telephone VoIP and PBX systems)

Office Workflow

Office Workflow Systems (includes office furniture and workstations)

Who we aim to help

Solutions based services for

The Team at AMS Global Systems has more than exceeded our expectations and I often recommend them to my clients and friends. You owe it to yourself to give Ken a call for all your telecommunications needs.
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
Thank you all SO much!!! We cannot express how much we truly appreciate you jumping into this project with such a tight turnaround! Thanks to everyone for pushing this to completion, we have internet at the office & will be able to start tomorrow.
Adam Cheise
Head Of Operations , Intel

Who we aim to help

Solutions based services for

Network Operators

Outsourcing their wireless network design and deployment needs

Equipment Vendors

Providing carriers with a more complete range of network services

Small & Midsize Enterprises

Companies requiring complete networking and communication solutions

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With our telecommunication expertise, we have helped companies with complete networking and communication solutions that include complete workflow design, wiring, and technology support for new and existing locations.

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